do you have a favorite video game?

probably pikmin 2 :x or minecraft???? idk i like a lot of other nintendo games too





im gonna watch an episode of my little pony

i learnt that bullying is wrong and you should make friends with people based on their personality rather than looks how the fuck are people sexualising this show like what the fuckity doo

the ponies are hot, dumb ass -_-



there’s a huge problem in gaming today where people are focusing more on graphics than aethestic, which is really shitty because it leads to all of these awful derivative modern military shooters and games that have no identity. like i don’t really care if you’re able to render the 374th bead of sweat on a grizzled marine’s face, if you don’t have a unique style nobody will remember your game

i updated my about

i placed out of like all the elementary courses at the conservatory so most of my classes this semester are at the college lmao



omg my little brother was using my computer and look at his search history


so embarrassing

I can just imagine how many people didn’t read all of these through 

SIKE!! there IS no autoplay! shinji ikari haha nice, you just got le TROLLED xDDDD DDDDDDDDDDD epic FAIL